Give your drone operations height

Optimize your operations and comply with ever-changing regulations.

Good to know: Since January 1, 2024, legislation in Europe requires complete tracking and traceability of flights, personnel and equipment used in professional drone missions.


The all-in-one solution to manage your drone operations efficiently and with a high level of safety

UAVsuite streamlines your operations from A to Z, providing a complete solution to manage all aspects of your business.


Activity & Maintenance



Reports & Resources


  • Manage operations

  • Detailed flight reports

  • Maintenance follow-up

  • Drivers

  • Feedback

Data interfacing

Our solution enables you to find all your information, missions & documents both before & after your missions on UAVSAFE WEB and in the field on our UAVSAFE LOG application.

  • Access to all organization-related documents

  • Mission overview

  • Pre-flight checklists

  • In-flight battery check alerts

  • Voice recording of events

  • Flight data recording

Ease of use

Intuitive and easy to use, UAVsuite facilitates navigation and access to the various functions.

Ready for the future

UAVsuite is designed to anticipate changes in regulations, enabling you to remain compliant at all times.


Centralize your data: Planning, reports, team and equipment management, feedback...

Meets regulatory requirements

Compatible with current regulations, it includes all the documents required in the event of an inspection.

Ready for the future

Stay ahead of the rules

The aviation authorities, EASA, FAA and others, are restructuring the regulations governing drone operations, and now require missions to be recorded, remote pilots to be tracked, maintenance to be monitored, incidents to be reported, and so on...

  • Generating annual reports

  • Participates in risk analyses (SORA) as required

  • Equipment traceability

  • Maintenance follow-up

  • Recording missions & sharing experience

  • Deadline alerts for pilots, equipment & missions

  • Enables full traceability with data recording as required by legislation

  • Real-time mission tracking in the field (UAVSAFE LOG) on smartphone

Suitable for teams

Designed to optimize collaboration

UAVsuite enables small or large teams to coordinate tasks efficiently, share data and keep up to date with project progress. User rights ensure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

  • Independent operators & small teams

    An affordable solution for managing all operations in accordance with your supervisory authority, whoever it may be

  • Large organizations: Management by base

    A solution adapted to large entities or multi-bases, in full compliance with specific organizational and security requirements

Join a community of drone experts

By subscribing to UAVsuite, you enter the UAVSafe Engineering ecosystem of expertise: access specialized know-how and expertise, as well as sharing and support opportunities from experienced, hands-on professionals.

  • Share

  • Resources

  • Support and mentoring

  • Industry news

Streamline your information flow

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They use UAVSAFE

"Our rapidly expanding organization operates several drones and mobilizes several telepilots. UAVSUITE is easy to use, intuitive and allows us to efficiently manage our fleet, pilots and documentation."

Olivier GARDET
Olivier GARDET

Drone Unit Manager - Val Thorens/Les Menuires

"The proposed tools are easy to use, the interfaces are ergonomic and their functions meet our requirements as well as those of civil aviation. UAVsuite will greatly simplify the management of our operations."

National Drone Unit
National Drone Unit

The all-in-one solution for managing your drone operations

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